In the last years we have done a lot to optimize our sustainability.

This enables us to generate some of the heat and energy we need ourselves. In addition, we were able to eliminate or replace any "energy guzzlers".

We have 3 combined heat and power plants that we use to generate energy and heat.

- Combined heat and power plants are small "power plants" that supply both heat ("heat") and electricity ("power"). The way it works is very simple: When generating electricity by burning fuel, heat is primarily produced. This can be used directly. When these combined heat and power plants are used, heat and electricity are provided with an outstanding level of efficiency.

In this way, we generate around 45 kilowatts of thermal power and around 17 kilowatts of electrical power per hour.


Since 2023 we use a solar system on part of the hotel roof, with which we can generate a maximum output of 70 kilowatts.


In last years we have completely renovated our entire hotel. We have adapted our rooms and public areas to our guests' wishes and at the same time done something for the environment.

With a state-of-the-art ventilation system in some rooms, in the restaurant and in the wellness area, we can regulate the air exchange and supply fresh air.
Our feel-good rooms all have modern windows and balcony doors, which ensure that the room temperature and heat emission into the environment are optimized.
In the winter months, we ask our guests to only open the windows for airing and to turn down the heating during this time. Of course, we also take this to heart when cleaning the rooms and in the public areas.
If a room is not occupied, we reduce the room temperature here in order to reduce unnecessary heating and the associated CO2 emissions.
Our hotel kitchen was completely renovated in 2017. When choosing the new devices, attention was paid to energy-saving devices.
We have also replaced our appliances in our laundry with energy-saving appliances.

If you, as a guest, still want to do something for the environment, you can cancel room cleaning during your stay. In this way we can reduce our CO2 emissions once again.


If you would like more information on sustainability, please do not hesitate to contact us.